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Documents you will need for Dream Act
Gather Your Application Documents

Confirmed that you're eligible for DACA? Great! Now it's time to start gathering your application documents. First, carefully review the official USCIS instructions for gathering your pre-application documents.

Here’s a summary of what you’ll need:
Two (2) passport-style photographs (for the Employment Authorization application)
Copy of foreign passport biographic page and any prior visa & I-94 cards (if available)
Copy of original birth certificate and translation
Copy of marriage certificate or divorce (if applicable)

Copy of every criminal and/or traffic court case on record (if applicable)
Every incident/arrest/police report. If you cannot get your record—eg. it is more than 5 years old and the police station records dept has destroyed it—then ask the police for a letter on letterhead saying that the record has been purged.
Every criminal complaint/charging document from the district attorney (or other prosecutor). That’s the court document a prosecutor first files with all of the charges against you and what they think you are potentially guilty of having committed from a single incident.
Every final criminal court disposition record. That’s the final ruling from the judge in your case stating the outcome after settlement or trial or dismissal; it should include your sentence and post-conviction sentencing information
Post-conviction showing that you completed all terms of probation/sentence. For example, if you are still on probation, it is something showing you are currently in compliance.
Copy of school records, such as:
Proof of Enrollment
Report Cards and/or Transcripts
School Identification Card(s)
Awards from high school (and college, if applicable)
Copy of high school diploma or GED certificate (if applicable)
Proof of entry prior to age 16, continuous residence in U.S. since June 15, 2007 and presence on June 15, 2012, such as:
Federal Income Tax Returns or Tax Transcripts (filed independently or as a dependent)
Employment records, letters from internships & volunteer work, medical records
Leases, rental receipts, other dated receipts, utility bills, cell phone bills
Bank statements, credit card statements, copies of cancelled checks
Birth certificates of children and/or siblings born in the U.S. for the stated period
Affidavits from relatives, friends, teachers, and churches attesting to your presence
Photographs placing you in the U.S. since the age of 16 & since 2007

You will also need a check or money order for $465.00 for filing fees and cash, check or money order for $ 200 preparation and mailing. Joanne Webster (850) 862-0903 or (850) 499-7203
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